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Hans van Houten (1960) has a passion voor radio, since he began by famous Dutch pirates in The Hague as Radio Centraal en Hofstad Radio.
In the eighties was the Hague the radio city of Holland with hundreds of pirates.

Talking on the radio and playing some of his favorite tracks is an essential part of the life of Hans van Houten.

“The day that I’ll stop with radio, is the day that I stopped breathing.” He worked as professional journalist for regional radio (radio West, Rijnmond)
and the national network NOS. Hans is also a writer: you can read his articles in AD and other papers.

Hans van Houten lives in the Hague, ‘the city of peace, love and good music’. His homestudio is famous for its view on the skyline of the city.
The best in the world!

He wants to share with you ‘something old, something borrowed, new and something blue’. “That’s the sky between us and our love for music.”

You can hear the Hans van Houten Share weekly on saterday night 22-23 P.M. Exception: the first of each month, then it’s time for Rob van Dijk.

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