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Hans van Houten (1960) has a passion voor radio, since he began by famous Dutch pirates in The Hague as Radio Centraal en Hofstad Radio. In the eighties was the Hague the radio city of Holland with hundreds of pirates. Talking on the radio and playing some of his favorite tracks is an essential part […]

Geoff started his career at the age of 13 and within five years was one of the Mecca Group’s top DJs, being used as their opening act for their new venue’s nationwide. During the ’60s when package tours were at the height of their popularity, Geoff could be found compering shows with Animals, Kinks, Spencer […]

The TVRDO show started off as a podcast in 2012 with one hour non-stop progressive and symphonic music. As of 240617 GlassRock will be running the show between 21:00 and 22:00 hours. For me it’s like a sort of homecoming with both Peter and Rob van Dijk on the team aswell. Together we made some […]

Henk van Dijk became on a young age contaminated wit the radiovirus, he listened very frequently to the free radiostations in the surrounding area and joined a local station as technician and produced radioprograms, those where the first steps in the world of radio. In the nineties the computer was introduced in many radiostudios as a music & […]

Rob van Dijk wilde als tiener al het radiovak in en verhuisde daarom eind jaren ’70 naar Den Haag om in zijn vrije tijd bij radiopiraten ‘in de leer’ te gaan. Van 1982 – 1986 maakte hij het roemruchte ‘Antimonopolie’, een mediaprogramma dat veel aandacht besteedde aan de lokale Haagse piraten-scene.  Twee jaar later werd […]

Dave Daily is the founder of Radio Earlybird. This station was in in the late ’70s the only Dutch radiostation that played continuously New Wave and Punk music from The Hague The Netherlands. After the death of punk in october 1978 Earlybird became an album station focusing on a weird variety of modern music, mostly […]

GlassRock is searching for enthusiastic, energetic, reliable presenters/producers to host shows on the station! You do have the facilities to record your show at home. We broadcast a variety of classic rock, new wave and britpop. If you think this is your job at GlassRock feel free to mail and tell us about your skills […]


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