Henk van Dijk

Henk van Dijk became on a young age contaminated wit the radiovirus, he listened very frequently to the free radiostations in the surrounding area and joined a local station as technician and produced radioprograms, those where the first steps in the world of radio.

In the nineties the computer was introduced in many radiostudios as a music & jingleplayer later on to use as a server to broadcast radioprograms on the internet, this was a new challenge for Henk.

He spend a huge ammount of time as he wanted to know every bits and pieces of the technology used for internetradio and other broadcast and studiosoftware.

The result was helping some stations to startup their own webradio and website, finally he started up GlassRock in 2011 as an experiment and the rock never stopped!

Under influence of working several years and listening to some great stations how “it is done” in some southern states in the USA, the specific classic rock format was chosen as listeners wants to know what will be played by a mouseclick at www.glassrock.nl

Current track